Elevate Your GamEplay!


With my professional CS2 Coaching you can quickly level up your skill and start exerting your prowess in ranked matches to win games and dominate your opponents.

Coaching Features


icon_map_alt icon – Increase Map awarness
bulb icon – Improve Decision making
icon_currency icon – Understand Weapon Metas
people icon – Better Handling of Clutch Situations
location iconLearn Power Positions

What you’ll learn


icon_check_alt2 icon Master the essential movement techniques

icon_check_alt2 icon Achieve victory in the majority of duels through strategic positioning

icon_check_alt2 icon Consistently succeed in ranked matches with our expert guidance

icon_check_alt2 icon Leverage movement and cover to gain an upper hand in combat

icon_check_alt2 icon Hone your aim, optimize skill usage, and dictate the pace of the game

icon_check_alt2 icon Unlock the ability to play any CS2 Weapon of your preference

About me

Hi! I’m Sebastian, also known as sk4b. I am 31 years old and have been playing Counter-Strike since 2007. Sinced then I’ve played in several teams and would call myself a semi-pro. I played under CPLAY Tt eSPORTS in the 4PL Proleague and led my team as caller into the EPS relegation. I’ve also been playing for my federal state since ~2010. About 50 Lan visits with quite a few #1 and Faceit LVL 10 play into my experience as well.

About the coaching

During the first coaching session, I will also go through the basic settings with you, which is why I usually do this at no extra charge.

I will then show you what and how we can improve your game.

I will also ask questions that will improve your thinking behaviour in the game, as they will show you things that you „maybe“ have not yet considered important – or have not even noticed.

We will find out what kind of player you want to be and work towards that together.

Who is the coaching for?

The CS2 coaching is for players that all levels that want to improve their gameplay. It is meant to teach players on all levels on how to get better at the game, by assessing their priorities and then fit the coaching to them accordingly.

Therefore, your rank does not matter.